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Commercial Litigation

Over the course of his career, Mr. Dozier has developed a niche practice regarding commercial litigation. The cases are often substantial and usually relate to the wrongful action taken by another business or person that threatens to end or impair the economic benefits of operating your business. In such instances, getting good advice quickly and taking action to stop the wrongful conduct or to properly document the cause and effect of the opposing party’s conduct is crucial. Mr. Dozier has experience as a legal advisor prior to litigation and as the litigation attorney to protect those harmed by the opposing party.

Breach of Contract

Contracts form the agreements reached between two or more parties. Typically, each party is obligated to perform certain tasks, duties or responsibilities. The parties do so to create mutual benefits from the combined efforts and resources made the subject of the contract. A claim for breach of contract arises when a party fails to perform their obligation(s). As each party relies on the commitment to the contract, a breach of contract by the other party can, and often does, create large economic losses. Mr. Dozier has handled breach of contract cases and recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A person or institution that is charged under the law with the responsibility of acting in the best interest of another person is called a fiduciary. A claim against a fiduciary is usually based on a breach of fiduciary duty. As the claimant, being a victim of wrongdoing by the very person or organization who was supposed to act favorably on his behalf, and the wrongdoer fiduciary are often close to one another (family, partners, advisors), these cases are high-powered and emotional. Mr. Dozier has helped clients in these exact situations where the wrongdoer misrepresented or withheld valuation information from the party being victimized. In some cases, the issue is fraud, confidentiality or dishonesty. Mr. Dozier has recovered significant financial losses from such fiduciaries who wrongfully or illegally took advantage of their position of trust.

Client Reviews

The best attorney you can get – Gil Dozier – period. I’m always telling people about him. Trustworthy and honest. He is down to earth and always personable. He is a good man.

Rebecca A.

My life was forever changed when I was hurt on a drill ship in the Gulf. The injury was severe and required amputation. I remember how thorough Mr. Dozier’s interviews were. He wanted to know about every piece of...

Jeron A.

Gil has been there for me and my family at the most important times when the most important decisions were needed. He has represented my business in disputed matters as well. He is extremely well thought out and...

Todd S.

He is a very dependable, reliable person. Someone that I know can get the job done. Mr. Dozier has my best interest. He always keeps his word. He is patient and will take his time with you. If somebody is dealing...

Brenda F.

I have known Gil Dozier for 20 years. He’s very professional. He has represented my business several times with great success.

Jerry M.

I hired Gil Dozier about 10 years ago. That was the first time I’d ever met an attorney. He is trustworthy and compassionate. Mr. Dozier puts your needs first and looks out for your best interest. Not just for you...

Heather W.

I highly recommend Mr. Dozier. Mr. Dozier is detailed specific. He is an incredible attorney. He makes sure he gets the job done right. I always recommend Mr. Dozier to all of my friends and family. I wouldn’t go...

Allyda N.

Another attorney suggested I settle for a certain figure. Then, I got Gil Dozier and recovered much, much more! I would highly recommend Gil Dozier to my family and friends. He and his staff took great care of me. He...

Chris B.

Following my automobile accident, the insurance company was giving me the run-around. Gil Dozier eliminated a lot of my stress when it came to dealing with the insurance company. He took the bull by the horns and took...

Laurie F.

I have been involved in two (2) automobile collisions in my life. I hired Mr. Dozier for both. Gil Dozier helped me out a lot during the life of each case. He kept me informed throughout the entire case. I wouldn’t...

Kendallyn D.

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